Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a loan?
1. Please click User Log-in tab.  Log-in using the username & password sent to you via SMS / E-mail.
2. Click on the Loan Application Tab and fill out all the required information.

What are the requirements if I apply for a loan?
A.  Salary Loan:                  
          1. Latest two (2) months pay slips.

B.  Home Equity Loan (for select clients only):
1. Latest two (2) months pay slips / Certificate of Employment
2. Copy of Transfer Certificate of Title
3. Copy of Location Map
4. If purchase is thru financing, loan approval advice from bank / financing institution
5. If purchase is thru in-house financing, contract to sell from developer
6. If outright purchase, contract to sell / deed of sale from seller
C.  Business Loan:
1. SEC Registration
2. Articles of Incorporation 
3. Updated General Information Sheet
4. Audited Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for the last three (3) years
5. Company profile and background information of key officers of the company 
6. Latest six (6) months Bank statements

How will I know the status of my application?
An SMS or e-mail message will be sent informing you of the status of your application.

What will I do if my loan is approved?
1. Access the FICC website, log-in and click on the Approved Borrowers Instruction tab
2. Follow the instructions.

How do I pay my loan?
The monthly amortizations of your loan will be deducted from your salary and remitted to FICC
by your employer.