Services We Offer

Salary Loans

A short term employee loan extended to meet any immediate need for cash.

Business Loans

A short term commercial loan, usually 90 days, extended to companies who need temporary cash assistance.

The CaaS® System

FIFC accredits corporate employers to qualify them to the CaaS® system. Each employer is provided a secure web-based backend. Employers shall upload a list of qualified employee-borrowers to the CaaS® based on parameters agreed upon. The employer shall issue an announcement to its employees of the launch of the CaaS® system for their company. Employees can visit their company website or FIFC's website to check if they have been qualified to borrow.

To apply for an FIFC loan, the employee can visit their own company's website and click the link to the CaaS® portal. The steps for the CaaS® process are as follows:

CaaS® is a pioneering technology that allows borrowers to apply for loans online. Just fill-up an online application form. No need to download, print, and fax the form to us, just fill-up and submit the form online and wait for it to be processed by our system.

FIFC will notify you through SMS if your application is successful and is ready for release. You will also be notified via SMS if your application has pending requirements.

Your payments will be automatically deducted from your salary, but through the pioneering CaaS®, you may view your remittances that are updated as soon as FIFC receives them

FICC's CaaS® is an exclusive service to FICC accredited companies. Contact FICC to know more about accreditation.