About FICC

First Industrial Credit Co., Inc. (FICC) is a Philippine SEC-registered lending company that offers salary loans, short-term business loans, short-term corporate loans, and special product loans. FICC had developed a pioneering secure web-based electronic lending system that is designed to provide convenient and accessible lending services to employee-borrowers and save their valuable time and effort. This is the "CaaS"® or Credit as a Service system.

FICC has a team of highly competent professionals at its helm. Their combined track record of experience in the industry span 35 years.

Innovative secure technology, competent professionals, and service culture: all of these are what make FICC a reliable loan service provider.

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Corporate Vision

To provide credit as a service to individuals, companies and institutions in a most efficient and responsible manner through pioneering solutions.
This is the FICC way.

Corporate Mission

Credit as a service is the driver of our business that empowers our clients to achieve their goals in a sustainable manner. Professionalism, excellence, innovation and good corporate governance comprise the platform upon which our success depends.

Our people are our valuable partners who we look after and who, in turn, care for the company.

We are committed to be a responsible corporate citizen.